What kind of events can be listed?

All kinds of events can be listed, as long as they are held, or are of interest to those of us who live in the greater Lexington, MO area.  Free events, paid-entrance events, small or large events. Cooking classes, workshops, performances, fundraisers, annual “signature” events, auditions,  outdoor challenges, family-friendly events, school concerts, theater, live music and much more are the kind of events that can be posted.  We asked that routine school sporting events be listed only if it is something special, such at the Homecoming Game, that would be of interest to the wider community.

We will not add events which discriminate against people, or groups of people, in any form.

Who can upload events?

Anyone — individuals, organizations or businesses —   The Lexington Community Calendar is not a place for businesses to have free advertising (see below), but they may put in an event held at the business which is of special interest to the community.

Can I upload events even if I’m not an official rep of an organization?

Yes.  Lexington Community Calendar is a community service business, and it may take time before all the groups and organizations in the Lexington area are aware of, and actively posting their events. (And let the organization know about the calendar so that they can get more of their events posted.)

How do I add an event?

  1. To add your events find the “Post An Event” button at the top of the calendar, and fill in the required fields. or;
  2. Send us a feed (Google or ICS) by the CONTACT US form.  The feed will not automatically become part of the Lexington Community Calendar.  By giving us your feed, we can upload it to a “behind the scenes” calendar because many of your events may not have the required information our calendar is requesting.
  3. All events are moderated by the site owner, so your event will not show up automatically.  If your event does not show up within a couple of days, we will contact you with why it is not being posted.

Do you add events for us?

Yes and no. If you’re using a Google calendar or have an ics feed — and if your events are written as thoughtful, engaging announcements — we might be able to pull them in automatically. It’s a case-by-case basis on the feeds.  We also watch other area listings and try to make sure they get on the calendar.

What if I need help getting my announcements posted?

Use the CONTACT US form and let us know where you are having trouble so we can help.

What makes for a good event posting?

A short headline (three to five words), an interesting announcement of why people will want to attend, the correct category selection, location, audience and an IMAGE!  The first 30 or so words are what will be visible without an additional click, so write your event announcements to draw people in from the start! You can add links and photos your event announcements.

Do the links and photos on our website come through with a copy and paste?

No. There is a URL field, as well as an uploading image field.  If you are copying and pasting text that says, for example, click here, that URL will not come through. But if you write, for example, click www.lexingtoncommunitycalendar, it’s easier for the viewer to see and we try to make sure links are live in our event approval process.

Does it cost anything to submit an event?

There is not typically a cost to post an event. Businesses can get specific events posted for a small fee.

How can I get my video on the Featured Video?

Send us the link to any YouTube video you have uploaded and we will review it.  We are looking for videos of local area schools, organizations and community events that show the Lexington area in a positive light and that you would like to share.


How do you make money on a site with free listings?

We sell advertising space.

We are a 501C3.  Why should we have to pay for an ad?

Non-profit does not alway mean “not having any money.”  Not all non-profits have events for the community as a whole, or support community activities.  While most non-profits have occasional community-wide events to raise funds, those events often benefit the Lexington area community.  Otherwise, it would be best to purchase ad space.  We can help with that.